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Penis Enlargement Blog – Penis Enlargers, Male Enhancement, Sexual Health Issues

Comfortable and safe method of achieving increased penis size with traction

April 02, 2014

Male extenders are considered to be one of the safest ways to achieve penis enlargement. They are considered to be naturally safe and are said to be useful in not only lengthening but also widening penis. These extender devices use traction principle, wherein the penis is gradually stretched to allow production of new tissues and new cells. These new tissues help in increasing the length and girth of the penis. These devices have garnered the support of users and medical professionals alike and hence have proven to b trustworthy means of achieving a bigger penis. The effective of this device, however, depends on how you use it and for how long. The effectiveness is said to be more obvious when it is used for longer period.

Evolution of penis extenders:

With these assurances, science and technology have been working to better the device since the time it first came into existence. Jes Extender is an illustration of the development of this device. By using Jes Extender before and after results become pretty obvious for you, hence, it is no wonder that this device which has been around for 10 years now has been hailed for its durable and high quality material which offers safety and comfort levels as well. The clinically proven results give you the comfort of wearing the device for a long time without experience any kind of discomfort. All you need to do is wear the device correctly and follow the instructions carefully to find optimum results in due course of time. Moreover, unlike other means such as pills and creams there is no danger of experiencing side-effects. You can use it discreetly under your daily clothing for number of hours without letting the world know what you are upto!


Three Things That Increase Semen Volume Naturally

March 21, 2014

Men are suddenly searching for ways to increase semen volume more frequently than ever. Researches have shown that better semen volume leads to better confidence and more intense orgasm and supplements can certainly help.

However, sexual experts have few words of caution here. They say that unnatural ways and chemical consumption can lead to problems and affect your fertility in the longer run. Of course, increase in volume can help but you should rather concentrate on natural options that can work without the risk of side effects.

Herbal Supplements
Supplements such as Semenax made from herbal ingredients are some of the better choices when you need extreme support. When nothing else is working or when you need quick and reliable results, it is probably better to go with the power of herbs. The herbal extracts promote blood flow, nutrient and water availability into the testes, so you can produce more semen. In fact, it can also improve sperm count considerably.

If you ask for tips on increasing semen volume, the most basic thing will be to drink more water. More than 70 per cent of the semen volume is water and that is precisely why drinking more of it will help you. Water even helps removes toxins from the body, which often add up to decrease semen production with ageing. Furthermore, you should stay away from dehydrating agents including caffeine and alcohol.

Fruits and Veggies

While certain fruits have been associated with better semen taste, we are not taking that into consideration here. Taking recommended servings of fruits and veggies ensures that your body gets enough nutrients to produce healthy semen volume. That is what Semenax UK does, apart from providing certain herbs. You might also want to exercise more so these nutrients can be used within the body properly.


Think of penis enlargement in style with Jes Extender Silver

March 19, 2014

When food is served to you in expensive crockery, you do admire it more. As much as the taste, the presentation is important. This is because the human mind’s visual experience holds as much importance as do the other sensory organs. Only when it looks delectable, does it reach our mouth, doesn’t it? Similarly, when a penis enlargement device is presented to you in a stylized case, you feel important. It is a way to let customer know that he is valued. This is the motive behind Jes range of extenders.

Jes range of traction devices:
Jes brings to you Jes Extender Silver, the core parts of which are plated in sterling silver. It offers you the benefit of the original Jes device with the traction force in a mahogany style case. Moreover, if you accidentally lose any part, you don’t have to harass yourself by running around looking for it. The product comes with additional spare parts too. Since the device uses traction force, it comes with adjustment rods which offer you the option of applying the right pressure for better comfort and results. It comes with a set of adjustable keys, comfort pads to eliminate your fears of safety and comfort. The box includes one cohesive gauge, comfort strap, instructional DVD, 1-inch extension rod, 0.5 inch extension rod, 0.25 inch extension rod too to make your usage process easy and hassle-free. By following the instructions described in the DVD, you are sure to know the right way of achieving a longer and wider penis.

Jes also brings to you other devices from its range such as Jes Extender Light, Jes Extender Gold, Jes Extender Titanium, and the original Jes Extender. You can choose among this wide range to comfortably increase the size of your penis without resorting to artificial drugs and going under the knife, both of which can prove to be dangerous.


Criteria for choosing the best Extender device for Penis Enlargement

March 12, 2014

What are the things that come to your mind when you are looking for an extender device for penis enlargement? What do you seek from the device? Safety, effectiveness and comfort. Every man seeks these important reasons while choosing an extender device to increase penile length and girth. Jes Extender Titanium is a penis enlargement device which satisfies these basic concerns of men seeking traction method. Equipped with a medical grade and latest technology, the device beats its contemporaries with respect to the all-important features of safety and comfort.

Features of the Titanium:
The product offers a hassle-free manner of attaining the desired size without undergoing pain, inconvenience and risk, which are present in pills and surgeries. Packed in a modern looking flight case, the Titanium offers improved comfort features and additional accessories as compared with its predecessors. The version contain more extension bars to help monitor your penile growth accurately and help you adjust accordingly, thereby aiding both enhancement and comfort at the same time. The device offers 1200g traction force and has been clinically proven to improve both length and girth of the penis. Straightening out a curved penis with the use of this male extender product can also be achieved in due course of time through regular use.

With strict control over traction, free set of adjustable keys, an instructional DVD and such other comforts, it’s no wonder that the Jes Extender Titanium figures among the popular extender devices, used even to rectify Peyronnie’s disease. In a discreet yet effective manner, male extenders such as these can provide you with better results than self-acclaimed pills and surgeries, which can go wrong in a disastrous manner, rendering you incapable for life. When used as instructed, the Jes range of devices prove to be systems which offer the desired results without causing pain, inconvenience and digging a hole in your pockets.


Extender devices as safe penis enlargement tools

March 11, 2014

Men are constantly searching for non-invasive techniques to overcome their penile shortcomings. Penile traction devices figure among those techniques so that men can use them without getting intimidated with side-effects and risks. Penile size is a matter of great concern for men who also experience ‘short penis syndrome’ and among those who believe that they have short penis even though the dimensions fall under the normal range. No matter what the requirement is, male extender devices cater to the penile needs without causing harm to the body unlike surgical method. With new technology paving its way into male enhancement industry, male extender devices have turned much safer and comfortable than their predecessors.

The rise of the Jes range:
A few years ago Jes Extender devices hit the market to make penis enlargement easier for men who feared surgery. Today, the Jes range has expanded to include many more variants for you to choose from and take a sound decision. For instance, Jes Extender Gold is one of its latest offerings which could serve to be an ideal device for your enlargement needs. Coated in 24-carat gold, this device gives you a regal experience of bettering your penile requirements without making you go through pain or discomfort.

With traction technology, the device comes with many safety and comfort features and a spare part kit, to make the process of achieving a bigger penis more comfortable and easy. Jes Extender Gold is not only used to lengthen and expand the penis size, but only improve conditions such as penile curvature and straightening of it. The extension kit also ensures that the traction you apply is right for you so that there is no chance of injury or damage to your penis. The traction force allows expansion of the penile tissues to incorporate more cells, thereby enhancing the size of your penis naturally.


Bigger Penis Enlargement Methods That Might Actually Work for You

March 07, 2014

Increasing the size of male genitalia suddenly seems to be the most important thing for sexual supplements in the market today. There are actually dozens of options in the market today, confusing costumers what to invest in actually.

Are you also unsure of what will actually help and if you should be choosing one bigger penis enlargement method over the other? We have made a list of the most popular enlargement methods along with a brand suggestion for every method. Take your pick here.

1.Penile Extenders
These devices actually work through traction technology and apply a definitive force to stretch penile tissues, lengthwise and width wise. A lot of people invest in these devices due to clinically proven benefits and the advanced safety features that they have to provide. If you are okay with the high price for these devices and the fact that it has to be worn whole day long, penile extender can be an excellent choice.

Our recommendation: Jes Extender Standard Device.

2.Enlargement Pills
Believed to be the most convenient of options, penis enlargement pills are used by people across the world. There are many different kinds of options around but you should certainly dig into the popular herbal solutions offering the enlargement benefits of traditionally known ingredients. You have to simply take them once or twice daily. The only downside is that benefits take a bit of time.

Our recommendation: Prosolution Herbal Supplement.

3.Vacuum Pumps
In the recent days, penis enlargement vacuum pumps have also emerged as the top choice due to their almost instant benefits. You just have to use these pumps once daily to get erection and improve blood flow to penis. There are many technological advanced formulas in the market that you should check out.

Our recommendation: Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump.


Mistakes one must avoid making while using penis pump

March 03, 2014

One of the most common ways of attaining a larger penis is by using the pumping technique. But how many men actually use it effectively? In fact, despite clear instructions that are readily available regarding the usage of these pumps, men often tend to succumb to injuries. This is why penis pumps are misconstrued to be dangerous. A penis pump is a simple device which comes with a hollow tube to fit in your organ. It helps draw blood into the penis by creating a vacuum. The blood is then trapped in the penis using a rubber ring which is placed around the base. The ring allows you to maintain the erection so that you can continue with your intercourse session without interruptions.

Penis pumps work best when the organ is in semi-erect or erect state. Without using the pump correctly, many men complain that their organ is discoloured, misshapen, and cold to touch. Few others doubt that it may interrupt with lovemaking session by interfering with intimacy. Even mild discomfort can distract you from the mood.

Cautions to preserve while using the device:

1.Ensure that the pump you are using has reliable pressure gauge
2.Follow the instructions carefully
3.Using the wrong kind of pump can result in bursting of blood vessels, pain and soreness of the penis. So choose the right device.
4.Wrong pumps can also render your penis to become thin and reduce the duration of erections
5.Fitting it correctly and taking care of your pumping action is important. Too much pressure can damage your organ, so stay within comfortable limits.

It is not difficult to handle a penis pump, provided you follow the right instructions without messing up. With advanced technology, few of the best penis pumps in UK are available in the market now. These pumps take care of your safety and comfort needs. Bathmate Hydro Pump X30 comes with many additional features as compared to other models and is one of the sought-after products in the penis pumps category.

Range of Pumps :


Considerations to be made before trusting male Enhancement Pills

February 27, 2014

Thanks to testosterone, men are quite aggressive when you talk about intimacy and passion. But no one is perfect in terms of the physical traits laid out there. You might be handsome with a near-perfectly toned body, but not being fat is not the only consideration to be made when it comes to defining male sexuality.

Though some men believe penis size is of great significance when it comes to sexual gratification, at the end it all boils down to performance. Sure, you could do better if you have above average sized penis as it aids in better penetration which may give your partner more pleasure. But what if you didn’t have that wanted size? Can you reverse or change what you are bestowed with? You may not drastically change what you already have, but you can work out ways to make it turn around your sexual fate. To play a role in turning around your sexual fate, VigRx supplement facts have been presented below to help you make a sensible choice:

1.Vegetarian-friendly pills made with high quality ingredients
2.A supplement which has been around a decade now

3.A natural herbal supplement which includes the goodness of 8 renowned herbal extracts which work for better sexual health

4.The formulation also supports enhancement of sexual desire and response

5.Aids in improving blood flow to the penis which is the main function that triggers stronger and long lasting erections

6.Supports male enhancement without the presence of any chemical additives

7.Helps in experiencing stronger erections, improved stamina and libido

8.Formula contains ingredients such as Korean Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Muira Pauma Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract, Cuscuta Seed, Epimedium Extract, sourced from different parts of the world.

Fine More Male Enhancement Supplement :


More thought to semen volume enhancing pills before purchasing them

February 24, 2014

Understanding the role played by semen volume enhancers in today’s world is the key to enhanced sexual pleasure and improved chances of fertility. That said, you may have millions of doubts about how to go about choosing these pills. Before jumping to conclusions about these pills, you should know what more semen means to you. Ejaculating more semen makes you feel good, not just physically, but mentally too. Along with enhanced orgasm power, who doesn’t want a boost in confidence and self-esteem? Not only men, even women associate high semen production with potency, fertility and sexual power.

Why do men with lot of ejaculate feel good?
When you ejaculate a lot, your muscles keep contracting to spurt out all the semen. The longer the contractions are, the more pleasure your orgasms bring to you. For women, it means that chances of getting impregnated are high. It is hence, a big turn-on in women.

Volume Pills – Their Functioning:
Volume Pills reviews are testimonial to the fact that they have hit the right chord with people. Not only did the curiosity rise, the need for these pills also got mileage. The functioning behind these pills is simple enough. They contain herbs and nutrients which are believed to have semen volume enhancing benefits. Like a dietary supplement, you need not fear about side-effects since the ingredients are all-natural. For harder erections, increased sex drive and to increase sperm count, you can choose this supplement to cover up the deficiencies. Moreover, unlike prescription drugs, you do not require doctor’s approval to take these pills. The natural ingredients help empower men to go wild in their sexual endeavours along with experiencing better control  in bed. While this can be understood as a male enhancement product, Volume pills are noted for increase in quality, duration and power of erections.


Can You Trust the Penis Enlargement Before and After Results?

February 19, 2014

It is a common practise these days to read customers reviews and compare before and after results prior to purchase of the products. Penis enlargement, being such a huge market, is not very different from other categories around and that is why people are looking for what genuine users have to say about a specific brand, which is actually a good practice.

However, we are only concerned with the fact whether or not you are getting the right information. Here, we are going to talk exactly that thing along with others that can help you get better hold of penis enlargement before and after results.

When people talk about before and after results on their blogs or websites, there is no doubt that some are telling truth but at most of other times, it is almost impossible to tell. Big companies pay thousands of pounds to promote their product on a certain blog or even belittle the common others in the competitive market. So how will you refine amongst these common reviews along with before and after results. It seems like you really have to look for that one blog that is repeatedly offering some degrees of help in the informational jungle.

So, what should you be doing if you really require knowing about the products?  It is rather better that you read genuine costumer reviews rather than just finding out videos and pictures on before and after results. This will not only help knowing the product better but will also tell you some ways to increase results with regular consumption.

And when it comes to premium brands such as VigRX herbal supplement, you can actually find plenty of information on it. You can easily find what people have to say about it so why look for before and after results.

More Herbal Supplement for men :