3 Ways You Should Never Use VigRX for Enhancement

March 07, 2013

It is believed that penis enlargement methods were discovered centuries ago. Be it Ancient Greeks or Pharaohs of Egypt, you would find some description on enhancement techniques and extracts. In recent times, it has become more popular with a large market of satisfied customers and several available options. Unfortunately, the desperation to increase penis size quickly often leads to unwanted results; in fact it is also the case with herbal male supplements such as VigRX.

1) Never increase the suggested dosage on your own.

Often people get so excited with the initial gains that they end up multiplying the suggested dosage. Think of it this way, if a certain amount of protein helps in gaining muscle mass after exercising, would more and more protein mean more muscle mass? Obviously it would be a silly thought as your body needs many other nutrients too. Similarly, too much of these pills would do more bad than good.

2) Never neglect the risk of side effects completely.

Undeniably, Vigrx pills are made from only natural ingredients but this does not make them completely safe. In fact, there is no such thing as safe penis enlargement and these pills are no exception. Herbs may potentially decrease risk of side effects but you may still want to consider personal allergies to any of the ingredient.

3) Never think of these pills as a medical treatment option.

To start with, normal penis size is not a penis condition and it can be termed as more of your will to enlarge it. Although severe size issues can be medical, Vigrx pills are not a treatment option. These are simply herbal male supplements that support healthy sex drive and blood circulation to penile chambers. If you have some serious medical issues, do not neglect them and visit a doctor.


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