A Critical Comparison of Two Popular Bathmate Pumps

February 25, 2013

The idea of penis enlargement is playing with the minds of men from many ages. Probably, era of Ancient Greeks was the time when smaller penis size was considered normal and attractive; otherwise men have tried adding muscle to their manhood in every era. In current times, you might have come across many enlargement options but Bathmate penis pump range is something difficult to ignore. If you are also considering the range and can’t decide on one design, the following comparison between Hercules and Goliath may help.

1.Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump

This design is based on what the research team first developed and then patented. It is from the only range that offers penis enlargement using water technology and weighs a mere 250 grams. Simple everyday application of fifteen minutes is said to be enough to start working on penis enlargement. The usage for Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump is simple too, fill water in the pump, place penis in cylinder and then push with hand to force water out from tip and create vacuum. Plus, safety features of this pump are high too.

  • Penis insert-able length is 8.26 inches.
  • It weighs only 250 grams.
  • Design length is 11.65 inches.

2.Bathmate Goliath Penis Pump

The Goliath variant has been launched after the success of Hercules. This variant also features hydro pump technology but is developed for men with larger penises. And why do larger men need penis enlargement? Smoking and age factors can shrink penis size over time and that’s where Bathmate Goliath Penis Pump can offer help. It supports penis length of 10.24 inches but weight a little more than Hercules. The process for creating vacuum is same.

  • Penis insert-able length is 10.24 inches.
  • It weighs only 330 grams.
  • Design length is 13.80 inches.


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