Interesting Facts and Information about Male Impotency

February 12, 2013

Male impotency or erectile dysfunction is a global threat to men. Often sexual performance is synonymous to virility and overall well being even in today’s world and that is why men find it extremely difficult to discuss the issue with even doctors. There might be a lot of male impotence products on the market but expect the natural ones, all other require prescription from a therapist. However before moving onto the non-prescription treatment methods, here are some interesting facts on the issue.

According to a global study, one in every ten men is affected by erectile dysfunction. However, the real number can be much higher.

  • Men with diabetic issues are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological factors only account for around 20% impotency cases.
  • Younger men are being increasingly diagnosed by erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be both short and long term.
  • Smokers have 50% greater risk to suffer from mild to moderate effects of impotency.
  • ED is one of the common reasons for failing relationships.
  • Only 33% of people seek medical help for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • Natural formulations for male virility are getting increasingly popular around the world.

Herbal Options to Work on ED

The market for natural male impotence products has really increased in the recent years primarily due to their easy availability. The completely natural options such as Vimax patches and pills combine natural aphrodisiacs and blood circulation boosters that can help deal with impotence in a natural way. The herbal ingredients offer several benefits including the low risks of side effects and natural bodily function support. All the extracts used in natural male impotence products are extensively studied for their reaction with the body and other ingredients. Other than that, herbal options also support long term use for prolonged benefits.


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