Popular myths about penis exposed

September 05, 2013

The subject of penis size intrigues both genders and with new technological advancements the matter of size has taken a new definition. A man’s sexual performance is enhanced and even his gender can be changed! Despite these advancements, there are still popular myths surrounding the male reproductive organ relating to enlargement which need to be busted. By making these myths clear, men can get enlightened about the choices they can make for enhancement purposes. Then choice would be easier among enlargement pump for men, penis pills, oils, gels, lotions, creams or surgery. Let us then look into the myths that often plague our minds regarding the subject:

  • Penis size doesn’t matter to women: Research studies have revealed that women in a committed relationship don’t mind the size of their partner’s penis. But it does not mean that women at large are not concerned with the size. There are occasions when women do care about the penis size since they relate it to sexual satisfaction levels.  However, in serious relationships, both partners work to keep each other happy through different means which keeps them happy as a couple. An above average sized penis can offer considerable satisfaction to women in general. Unless, a man is suffering from micropenis, a woman doesn’t usually worry overly about penis size.
  • Size does not affect performance: There are two aspects to understand this point. While physically, penis size may affect sexual performance, there are also emotional and psychological factors attached to it. Most men measure their sexual prowess depending on their penis size. When a man fears that he is not adequately armed, then he may become anxious which can affect performance. Due to this, if he feels insecure about losing his partner to someone else, then it results in low self-esteem. These emotional factors can easily hamper sexual performance.
  • Size does not affect woman’s sexual pleasure: Like men’s penis, women’s vagina also comes in different sizes.  Hence, how a penis and vagina fit together has an effect on pleasure during intercourse. With a bigger size penis, women may experience better sensation and pleasure. They may also experience discomfort when the penis is larger beyond the vaginal capacity to accommodate. This is where communicating with partner is crucial.

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